Our LIVE ROOM offers around 220 m2 of recording space.
Around 150 m2 in size, it offers a daylight flooded, spacious,
fully acoustically treated hall with high ceilings and an approximate reverberation time of 0,6 s.
This reverberation can be adjusted by closing the special curtains to a reverberation time of 0,4 s.

On the ceiling we mounted a decca tree mic setup.

It offers the opportunity to even record a larger ensemble, choir, or big band while your drumkit will sound monstrously impressive in there as well.

The room can be separated by modules to grant multipurpose flexibility.
e.g. for touring rehearsals and more intimate recording sessions.

“The Entry” sized around 12m2, a concrete and steel walled room, invites itself right away to be used as an echo chamber or recording booth with a unique, rough sound.

Further on it consists of 2 isolated, window screened, acoustically treated recording booths:
• A larger (12m2), asymmetrically shaped one, perfect for big vocals, percussions or backings
• A smaller (4m2) vocal booth which is directly connected to the heart of the studio:

The Control Room…
The place were all your music is summed together!
Equipped with a 32-channel inline console based on a Neve Costum 1084.
A treat for your ears and eyes!