ROOM A consists of about 90 m2 of recording space.
The recording room has a surface of 42 m2 and an approximate reverberation time of 0,2 s.
It hosts a SSL 4000 G+ in combination with a Pro Tools HD3 system with 48 inputs and 48 outputs.
Apart from the Avid 192 interfaces, two Lynx Aurora 16/16 and a Apogee Big Ben 16 out are available.
The main room and it’s control room are a box-in-box construction granting the most detailed acoustics.
There are four iso-booths that can be used to either stack and record your guitar- and bass amps or even track vocals.
The biggest booth is a separate studio having it’s own control room and can be run simultaneously with the main rooms.
All rooms are interconnected via an audio-hub and offer video and audio talkback functionality.
Another small acoustically treated editing suite is available as well.