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I am an Antwerp based recording engineer/mixer doing mainly “heavier” music but I have done anything from folk/acoustic/50’s rock ’n roll to garagerock, progrock, stoner, doom and thrash/deathmetal.
I try to capture the magic that happens when a band plays together in the same room as much as I can so I will always try to track live as much as possible.
I’m really into cool ribbon mics and analogue gear and prefer to mix in the analogue domain instead of entirely “In The Box” 

Some projects I did:

Sardonis, The Jagged Frequency, WB & The Mercenaries, Psychonaut, Grimmsons, Hootka, Black Swarm, Moonshine Reunion, Experienced?!?, …

Some Projects


AEA R44c

AEA R88mkII stereo ribbon

AEA N22 nuvo ribbon

Coles 4038 ribbon (x2)

SE Electronics Voodoo VR1 ribbon (x2)

AKG D112

Beyerdynamic m88TG

Beyerdynamic m201TG

Shure SM57 (x2)

Shure Beta 91

Shure KSM137

Audio Technica Pro 37

Heil PR31

Sennheiser MD421

Pete’s Place BAC-500

API 2500 stereo compressor

API 525 compressor/limiter

Grahamtec 1176 blue stripe

Tonelux TX5C (x2)

Neumann KH310A

AEA RPQ500 (x4)

API 3124+ (4 pre’s)

CAPI FD312 Heider (x2)

AML 1073 ez (x3)

API 550b (x7)

AML 1073 ez (x3)

Little Labs VOG (x2)

Antelope Orion 32 (32 channels AD/DA)

Mytek stereo 192 adc

Heritage Audio MCM-8

Purple Audio MOIYN

’80 Marshall JMP 2203 100w guitar head

’73 Ampeg V4 bass/guitar head

Orange PPC412 cabinet

2×12″ Mountain cab (Jensen EL70 & WGS Reaper HP speakers)

2×12″ Mountain cab (Eminence Swamp Thang & Eminence Texas Heat speakers)

’79 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tobacco Sunburst

Radial Phazer (phase adjustment tool)

Radial Phaze Q (phase adjustment tool)

Radial X-Amp (re-amp box)

Radial J48 active DI

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